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Abby Haroun

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Abby Haroun is a deaf artist and designer who creates contemporary African-inspired art that celebrates the joviality of African culture. Her artwork consists of African-inspired masks and collages made of fabric remnants, recycled wood, and upcycled leather, thus allowing her to practice eco-friendliness. Proceeds from the sales of Abby's artwork support the education of deaf children in developing nations.

If you are interested in purchasing an artwork, please contact Abby Haroun directly at

Haroun- Yoruba Masks II.jpg Haroun_Yoruba Gele Headwrap.jpg Haroun_Yoruba Gele Headwrap 3.jpg Haroun_Yoruba Gele Headwrap 2.jpg A943213E-1926-4046-8907-8189487A9587.jpeg Haroun_Yoruba Mask 2.jpeg