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Jakiria M. Williams


Jakiria M. Williams is a writer, director, and multi-disciplinary artist, in which she explores mixed-media (oil painting, found objects, 4D, etc) to create experiences centered upon the study of human behavior. After earning her BFA degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), where she also studied psychology and theater, Jakiria began her artistic career through involvement in group exhibitions and symposiums. The “Rising Star” Award– presented at the Deaf Rochester Film Festival showcase in 2020– is one of Jakiria's most notable awards. Her groundbreaking and compelling storytelling ability landed her opportunities as writer and editor with news outlets such as the Guardian Liberty Voice and RIT’s Reporters journalism team. The world of literature and opportunities of exploring eastern Eruope inspired narratives that focus on cultural norms and social factors in her film productions and screenplays. Through learned practices, self-discoveries, and studious mentorships, Jakiria continues to develop her artistry by researching the illusion of hopes and the glamor behind fears to assert the meaning of life.

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For Sale: $4000